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Car Insurance Secrets That You Should Know

Pay Every Six Months

If you pay monthly, you will pay more. So when they renew your plan every six months, pay it all at once.

Compare Prices Annually

You can save money by comparing insurance rates once a year just before renewal. It’ll only take minutes and won’t hurt your credit score.

Get Discounts

Car insurance companies offer discounts for safe driving, being a member of the U.S. Chess Federation, good students, bundling policies, going paperless, a new car, SmartRide, and more. Ask your agent and get discounts.

Combine Policies

If you buy multi-car policies or buy home, auto, and life insurance from the same insurer, you could save hundreds of dollars. Get a quote and check it out.

Adjust Your Deductible

If you can handle a $1000 deductible, do it. You’ll save a huge amount on your premiums. Just keep that deductible money somewhere safe.

Your Car Matters

Check with your agent how much the car you intend to buy costs to insure. Different cars affect premiums in a different manner.

Save Rental Car Insurance

Most policies that have comprehensive or liability coverage allow you to drive rental cars as long as their value matches your car’s value. So check your insurance cover before you buy rental car insurance.

Your Driving Record Matters

Speeding infractions, DUIs, all accidents will bump up your insurance rate. Maintain a clean driving record to keep the premium increase under control.

Uninsured Drivers

If you’re hit by an uninsured driver, you may not be covered unless you specifically have uninsured driver coverage. It doesn’t cost much, so make sure you get it.

Payouts Are Slow

In case of a claim, the insurance company will first conduct an investigation, and then there will be a lot of back and forth. They purposely delay payouts to make you accept their first low offer.

Don’t Sign It If You Don’t Understand It

Read the small print. Evaluate all the details. Don’t jump at the first cheap offer. If it looks cheap, you won’t have coverage when you need it.

You’re Not Important

Insurance companies care about their shareholders and making profits. Don’t let them push you around. Be prepared for a battle.