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Here’s Everything You Need For Your Home Workout

Had a stressful work-from-home day? Work out. Ate too many slices of chocolate cake? Work out. Feeling lethargic after a long weekend? Work out.

While you might be stuck at home, don’t let that become an excuse for you to not work out. Bring your exercise game in-house. Here’s a list of the best home-equipment that you might want to consider buying right now:

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a great option – this very simple piece of equipment can help make your muscles stand to attention as no other equipment can. In fact, research suggests that in terms of effectiveness, using resistance bands is on par with lifting weights. From quotes and lateral band walks to glute bridges, you can do so many exercises using these bands. If you have a little more money that you don’t mind spending, you might want to consider a rowing machine, spinning machine, or treadmill.

Medicine Ball

Using a medical ball can decrease the risk of injury during training and will help increase muscle mass. A study found that medicine ball interval training might yield the same amount of cardio demand as cycling or intermittent running. The workout possibilities are endless when you use a medicine ball: you can use the ball to train your glutes, abs, legs, shoulders and arms.


The biggest benefit of using a cross-trainer is that without putting pressure on your muscles and joints, you can engage in a relatively more challenging workout. Some cross-trainers deliver a comfortable and smooth experience, making it almost like running without all the injuries.


Available in many different weights and varying quality, dumbbells add that extra bit of resistance to your workouts, thus helping you increase your muscle tone and strength.

Skipping Rope

Invest in a skipping rope and throw it back to your school days. If you want a fun cardio workout, use a skipping rope – you won’t even know how hard you’ve worked to burn those calories.