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Here’s How To Choose The Best Car For Yourself

It’s possible. You can own the car of your dreams. We know of someone who didn’t just want a particular model, he also wanted it from a specific year and a specific color. And he did it. It was a 2006 – 2009 Porsche Carrera S with an automatic transmission in a rare Cobalt Blue. He also wanted to buy it from a Porsche dealer because of the security a manufacturer’s certified pre-owned car program offered. And one day he found that he had the funds to make it happen.

He began the process by test-driving cars owned by family and friends to confirm that he was making the right car choice. Then he stalked dealers’ certified pre-owned websites. He learned that because he was looking for something very specific, he’d have to search for the right car across the country. Since domestic transport is no longer a worry, he started doing just that with a site that offered national searches. He found a few options here and there and some were even within budget. But nothing was just right. Eventually, he found a 2008 Porsche Carrera 4S in LA that had run just 17,000 miles. It had the right transmission, and was even in the right color. The asking price was $70,000. After verifying all the details on the phone and checking the vehicle history, both buyer and seller agreed to close the deal at $68,000. But of course, the final price would depend on the condition of the car. The best part? He saved over $40,000 on a car that even smells new.

Sometimes, searching for the car you want feels like a dead end. You may even feel that there’s no such car out there. But all you need to do is keep at it. Your dream may just be asking you to put in a little bit of effort before coming true.

All dream cars aren’t hard to find though. But the feel of watching them parked in your driveway and the thrill of driving them never goes away. A special car has a sense of occasion that nothing else can match. Just don’t forget the usual car buying steps.