Smartphones: Our Top Picks For This Year

Looking to start the New Year with a new smartphone? While there are numerous smartphones available right now, some are undoubtedly better than others! Here are our top picks.

Apple iPhone 12

It’s been a long time since the ‘standard’ iPhone didn’t come with repeated caveats and shortcomings compared to its Pro and Plus-sized siblings. But, that’s not the case with the iPhone 12. This straight-up brilliant handset is known to deliver across the board. While 5G might just be the headline addition here, the real triple threat for other competitors is the introduction of a Super XDR display, a glorious OLED, an improved dual-lens camera for night time shots and Apple’s lightning-quick A14 Bionic chip.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

Thanks to a truly killer camera that represents the pinnacle of photography to date using a smartphone, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is not only the biggest iPhone so far, but is also one of its best phones. Revamped to capture every detail in low-light situations, this smartphone is a great choice for anyone who can’t let a family gathering pass without documenting every moment or curates their social media feed with extreme care. It offers 5G support, with the ludicrously speedy A14 Bionic chip by Apple to power things and a more drop-resistant Super XDR display.

OnePlus 8T

This smartphone is so impressive that it almost makes the OnePlus 8 Pro nearly redundant. With ridiculously quick charging and a 120Hz display for silky-smooth scrolling, OnePlus has managed to display a feat of telephonic genius with the OnePlus 8T. On what is otherwise a perfectly able camera, its real shortcoming is the lack of a telephoto lens for zooming.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

This super-deluxe folding smartphone is back, and this time, it does not suffer from any of the teething issues that plagued its predecessor. What you get here is both a tablet and a phone in one luxurious device. To handle social scrolling and quick-fire notifications, a 6.23-inch display is present on the front of the Fold 2. However, the real magic comes when you open this device and it reveals a huge 7.6-inch display (which makes it perfect for binge-watching a couple of episodes during your commute).