4 Good Quality Cell Phones To Buy Today

It might be hard for some of us to remember the world before smartphones, but basic cell phones are still in use across America. If you’re looking for a simple, uncomplicated phone for an elderly relative or a child, want a backup phone in case of a reception or electricity issue, or just need a business line to receive calls, a cell phone might fit the bill. Here are five basic cell phones we recommend.

Ushining U181

This cell phone has large, durable keys and easy to follow menus making it perfect for seniors and children. With text and call functions and a powerful battery, the U181 already has what most cell phone users are looking for but it also has a camera, a built-in FM radio, and Bluetooth connectivity for headsets and speakers.  

Easyfone A1

Another senior-friendly phone, the Easyfone A1 boasts large text, is 2G and 3G compatible, and has big-font menus. It is hearing aid compatible too so seniors who have hearing loss won’t have to sit through the annoying whine of electronic feedback every time they pick up the phone. Some other great features are the internal and external screen, the SOS calling feature, and the ability to store personal and medical information in case EMT or ER personnel need to access it in an emergency.

The ZTE Altair 2

The QWERTY keyboard and 2.4-inch display makes texting a breeze. This phone is slim and compact and the keyboard lock function eliminates any accidental dialing. This alone makes it a good choice for an additional business line but throw in the built-in MP3 player for music and the GPS function and you’ve got yourself a winner. The battery easily renders four hours of talk time and 240 hours between charges.

DTech One

Your tween might not be ready for a smartphone just yet, but the DTech one is the next best thing to one. It has an MP3 player and supports a microSD card of up to 32 GB. It also has a slim and compact body, place for two sim cards, built-in FM radio, and a 1.8-inch display. It comes in a range of colors too.