Unbeatable Home Internet Plans For Under 50$

When it comes to High-speed internet at home, everyone’s needs are a little different. If you watch a lot of Netflix and enjoy gaming, you will need a high-frequency internet connection. If your needs are more basic, a speed of about 25 Mbps could suffice. You may also need to consider whether you want a DSL connection, internet delivered via a fiber optic cable, satellite internet, or a cable internet plan. This largely depends on where you live and what plans are available to you.  Here are four home internet plans under $50 that are worth checking out.

Spectrum Internet 100Mbps

Spectrum’s Internet 100Mbps plan offers you unlimited data and a whopping 100 MBps speed for 49.99$. At this price point, the plan is valid for a year’s use, but consumers aren’t locked into a contract with the provider after the year is up. You can always switch to a new provider after a year, but in the meantime, this deal is just waiting to be snapped up.

Windstream Enhanced Kinetic Internet 200Mbps

As far as DSL internet plans go, Windstream’s Enhanced Kinetic Internet 200Mbps plan is your golden ticket. For one year, this plan entitles you to unlimited data at 200Mbps for just $36/month. This plan is offered in 19 US states so being inside of Windstream’s service area makes you an eligible candidate.

AT&T Internet 100 Plan

Sign up for AT&T’s $49/month Internet 100 plan. The company, one of America’s top four providers, is reliable and has a dedicated tech support team that troubleshoots any glitches. This package entails download speeds of up to 100Mbps with 1,000GB of monthly data. The data cap is a bit of a disadvantage, but most households should be able to stay within that usage limit.

Verizon Fios Internet 200/200 plan

If you enroll in Verizon Fios’s autopay feature, you’re eligible for this dream plan. At $39.99 per month you get high upload and download speeds via a fiber optic cable. Even better, Verizon doesn’t lock you into a contract, so your price doesn’t go up after a year. Enjoy gaming, streaming content, and FaceTime calls with almost no lag time.